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posted on Monday, 26th August 2013 by Steve May

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Bespoke keypad art is now possible with the advent of Laser Shark button engraving from Remote Technologies Incorporated. Exclusively available to RTI dealers through distributor Invision UK, Laser Shark software allows integrators to design custom buttons for select RTI keypads controllers.

The innovative Laser Shark software allows almost any font type, language, symbol or graphic image to be applied to customised buttons. The process itself is straightforward. A Laser Shark certificate is purchased from Invision UK, and then the software is downloaded for free via the RTI website. After creating a design, dealers send the Laser Shark file directly to Invision, which completes the laser engraving process. The service can be used with the brand's two-button, four-button, and eight-button RK1 in-wall keypads, RK3-V in-wall controller plus handheld controllers T1-B and T3-V+.

Invision UK's David Meyerowitz says "Laser Shark enables dealers to have buttons available for projects where they need to identify multiple different sources, for example Spotify, Napster or Sonos. Essentially, dealers can customise remote controls specific to their customer's tastes."

"Every user and system is unique. Laser Shark allows dealers to add another degree of intuitiveness and a personal touch to the user experience," explains Pete Baker, RTI vice president of sales and marketing.  "With the Laser Shark software's ease of use and the amazing flexibility to use words, symbols, or even graphic images for button labels, it couldn't be easier for dealers to further personalize their customers' control system."

For more on RTI controllers, plus other Invision UK products and services, visit our partner page here.

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