Stylish Artnovion acoustic panels give the Vienna Volksoper an audio upgrade

posted on Wednesday, 16th November 2016 by Steve May

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Acoustic wood panel treatments developed and designed by audio specialist Artnovion have been installed in the Vienna Volksoper (the People’s Opera House).

The Vienna Volksoper was built in 1898 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Its operas are renowned with both Vienna’s residents and visitors to the city. The building was initially planned to house a theatre, and so was constructed without allowing for the acoustic design necessary to deliver a perfect opera performance. As the Volksoper started to offer more and more musical performances and had loudspeakers installed, the ceiling above the gallery proved to be a problem as they created sonic reflections. These became a great source of frustration, as they reduced sound quality in the venue and impacted the audience’s enjoyment.

The challenge was to combine acoustic engineering with an aesthetically acceptable product.

To improve things, the Volksoper management team called in Peter Willensdorfer of acoustic consultants Tonarchitektur. Together with Vienna-based Pro Performance, Tonarchitektur decided that Artnovion’s acoustic panels were the best solution.

Artnovion Logan diffusor panels were selected for their ability to break up sound reflections and to give the audience a more even acoustic distribution. In addition, the panels would need to cancel the unwanted reflections that were bouncing back from the ceiling to the stage.

An extensive range of range of panels is available from Artnovion, including absorbers, bass traps and diffusers. For this project, 128 Artnovion Logan diffusers were installed on the ceiling of the Volksoper. The choice was based on just on their technical specification, but their unique design and appearance.

The end results are reportedly spectacular. The installation has delivered the sonic improvement required, delighting management, audiences and performers alike.

Artnovion says its aim to blend the best elements of design with cutting-edge acoustic engineering. Not only do its panels offer soundproofing, “by controlling audio levels,” they also seek to transform the awy sound waves interact within a space.

A bit about Artnovion...

Artnovion is all about premium acoustic performance. Regardless of the product function, either for absorption, bass trapping or diffusion purposes, we always deliver premium performance together with a premium ambiance. With Artnovion you will only have to choose the product line that fits in your environment and it will always perform at its best.


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