Outernet London partners with Realife Tech and BPI

posted on Thursday, 3rd December 2020 by Steve May

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Experiential data specialist Realife Tech will integrate its Experience Automation Platform across the range of venues and spaces within the Outernet London development, it has been confirmed.

The company has announced a three-year partnership with Outernet, promising visitors to the ambitious new entertainment complex a new way to interact with physical spaces, blending immersive technology and in-person engagement.

Outernet Global has also signed a multi-year naming rights and content publishing deal with the BP. Outernet will showcase content from BPI related events including The BRITs, The Classic BRITs and The Mercury Prize.

Set to be one of the most ambitious entertainment destinations in Europe, Outernet London is expected to open in Winter 2021, and offer a blend culture and commerce. The high capacity immersive media space in the heart of London’s West End promises the world’s largest high-resolution wrap-around screens, a new 2,000 capacity live events venue, as well two smaller venues including the reborn, iconic 12-Bar Club, all equipped with Realife Tech’s technology that can be utilised during public and private events like major brand launches, movie premieres and cultural events.

The partnership will utilise data and technology to link the physical and digital worlds, and visitors entering the district will see screens packed with striking artworks and visuals. Making this space unique will be the ability for the visitors to interact with and control the content from their own device, to create their own unique experience.

Realife Tech is the recipient of three Event Technology Awards for Best Festival Technology, Best Venue Installation and Best Venue Solution. The company’s technology is currently in use at the O2, London and Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.

Realife Tech’s platform aggregates data from multiple systems including apps, ticketing systems, Wi-Fi, point-of-sale, digital advertising screens and access control points.

“London’s districts have a wealth of data -- with that data, businesses need to be able to understand the journey in the real world, then automate and respond,” said Adam Goodyer, CEO and founder of Realife Tech. “SoHo is one of the most iconic districts in the UK., serving as a melting pot of culture and retail. We’re proud to be weaving Realife into the fabric of such a progressive, artistic, and innovative neighborhood, and providing a technology solution to help them interact and engage with their surroundings on a new level.”

“We’re excited to be working with Realife Tech to help Londoners discover Outernet’s interactive and immersive capabilities,” Outernet Digital Director, Dan Patton said. “Bringing visitors tailored information and companion experiences via our mobile app will make for stronger connections between Outernet’s physical and digital presence - not just at Outernet London, but also with the Outernet districts we are building globally. Our canvas of floor to ceiling screens will enable brands to engage and amplify audiences in a way never before possible and the creative possibilities here are immense.”

Outernet London represents a world-first, offering the globe's first ever city-centre, high capacity immersive media space. At its heart is 'The Now Building', a live interactive broadcast environment that will boast 8k, 360-degree floor-to-ceiling screens, designed to enable brands and storytellers to share scheduled, short-form content and brand engagement.

The London campus will boast a selection of entertainment facilities including a 2,000-capacity live music venue. Plans are already being developed to open similar sites in cities such as New York, Los Angeles, Berlin and Dubai.

The public atrium will feature a 4-storey high, 360 degree, 16k screen surface, with fully directional surround studio sound.

Outernet will also launch The BPI Recording Studio on Denmark Street, which BPI and Outernet says it will make available to the next generation of UK musical talent from all backgrounds and genres wanting to write, create, record and perform music.

Steve May

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