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posted on Saturday, 26th May 2012 by Steve May

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LG called in big name support to help launch the world's first large-screen 3D OLED TV. Two time Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel joined ex-F1 star David Coulthard, supermodel and Australia's Next Top Model winner Gemma Sanderson and acclaimed writer-director Jean-Jacques Annaud (whose work includes Enemy at the Gates and The Name of the Rose) onstage at the Salle des Etoiles sports club in Monaco, to unveil the screen prior to the Monaco Grand Prix. Naturally, Inside CI was also there, trusty Canon snapper in hand.

The glamorous surroundings seemed entirely appropriate. The TV, which created a huge buzz in prototype form at this year's CES, is the most advanced seen to date. "It's really impressive," declared Vettel. "There's a lot of technology behind the scenes in Formula One, and this is very similar, getting to the front means being cutting-edge."

Taking pole position in the TV market is very much what LG has in mind. The brand believes that a quick getaway with OLED will give it a huge commercial advantage over Samsung, which is currently fast-tracking its own OLED proposition. "This is the future of our business for the next ten years," declared Steven Gater, LG's consumer marketing director.

Stanley Cho, head of LG's Europe Operations, says with OLED leading the brand's TV offerings it now has a "very strong case to become the number one TV brand in this region."

George Mead, LG's product and consumer marketing manager, says: "It has to be seen to be believed. Other companies are going to produce OLED TVs, but we think we have the best panel solution."

Almost as an aside, LG also used the Monaco event to unveil another revolutionary screen, which will also go on sale in the autumn. The 84inch Quad HD 3D giant will retail for the same price as the OLED model, and offers astounding pixel density for a truly cinematic experience. As with the brand's current consumer sets, the panel uses FPR Passive technology for 3D - but because it's an 8million pixel panel, Passive 3D is rendered in Full HD.

Still need convincing about just how exciting this event this was? Explore our photo gallery below...

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