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posted on Tuesday, 3rd January 2012 by Martin Morecroft

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Technology in the home: friend or foe?

Home Entertainment has undergone enormous changes in the last three decades. For many years it was defined by the simplistic image of a TV in the corner of the lounge, perhaps a stereo system, and if you are old enough, a turntable! Any kind of audio or video entertainment in the home involved a pile of large unsightly boxes with masses of cables. Home entertainment was very unattractive and consumed valuable living space.

The digital age has changed things forever. Media surrounds us and almost defines us. It shapes expectation and has a huge impact in the 21st century home and the way we live in it.

Open plan living spaces demand function and style; they can be badly compromised by obtrusive hardware. Yet today's homes are more alive with technology than ever. A large super-wide TV in the family room has replaced the bulky CRT from the latter day lounge. Opinion has never been more polarised regarding the integration of consumer electronics with spatial design.  

Today's interactive TVs deliver not only terrestrial and satellite services but also an ever-expanding array of streaming content. Gaming is also now considered a family activity, reinforcing the TV as the focal point in the main living area. A fresh approach is clearly needed to regain structure and harmony in the home.

The new way of thinking proposed by Redline (specialist distributor of invisible AV products) is no longer confrontational. We blend the latest technology, without a compromise in performance or design with ease, into beautiful living spaces. Restore harmony, the solution is provided by Séura, a world innovator in TV Mirror technology. Established nearly a decade ago in Wisconsin USA, Séura is the established market leader in the rather exact science of high technology float glass used in the creation of television mirrors.

There are two unique aspects to the success of Séura. The first is the quality of the float glass, and second is the availability of a truly innovative mounting system allowing standard TV's to be fitted behind the mirror glass. The quality of the glass defines the visual performance of a Mirror TV. Séura's complex patented chemical treatment applied to the rear of the mirror surface performs a critical role. It allows the brightness and definition of today's HD and 3D media to shine through yet mask the TV behind when it's turned off, leaving a perfect mirror in form and function. Séura offers two distinct types of glass to meet the varying needs of a modern home: Enhanced and Premier.

The Enhanced Series glass offers a bright silver reflective mirror finish in keeping with conventional one-way mirrors.  Boasting perfect colour-accuracy, the Enhanced series allows the television picture to perform beautifully, without distorting the colour or clarity of the display. The Enhanced range is ideal for bathrooms when a bright reflection is preferred. The Premier Series glass has a slightly darker, designer reflective surface producing a vivid high-resolution image. This is aimed at locations where top quality video performance is required like living areas and bedrooms.

A Mirror for Life
Conventional Mirror TVs are produced as a single unit with the TV bonded to the back of the mirror. Séura has developed a revolutionary mounting system which allows almost any TV to be fitted to the back of an Enhanced or Premier Series Overlay Kit. This has two enormous advantages over bonded units. An integrated TV/Mirror is limited to the specific television offered by the manufacturer. It also dates the product to the technology available at the time of purchase. Séura's Overlay Kit solution allows the product to be easily updated to current technology.  Simply replace the old television with a TV offering the latest features.

Secondly, there is the issue of TV reliability. The most common television size for a generous living area is 50-inch.  Assembled, the television mirror is large, heavy and difficult to transport. If the TV fails, removing it and sending it for repair becomes a challenge. Séura's mounting system allows you to choose the make and model of set. If the television needs to be serviced, it can easily be removed and retuned for repair, leaving the mirror in place.

The overlay kits can be surface or flush mounted and Redline offers a range of over 2500 frame styles to accommodate customer requirements.

Green Credentials
Séura also understands the growing importance of environmental awareness. Séura takes a progressive approach to help meet LEED certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design -USA) the equivalent to BREEAM in theUK. Products are manufactured in a new energy efficient factory and all packaging is 100 per cent recyclable. Mirror coatings are lead free and the re-usable nature of the overlay kit enhances sustainability while rejecting the 'throw away technology' mentality of the society we currently live in.

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Martin Morecroft

Martin is a leading expert in discreet technology in the home and workplace. MD of Redline, Martin has focused the direction of the company, delivering award-winning brands that achieve the goal of 'invisible sound.'

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