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posted on Monday, 25th March 2013 by David Slater

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Bringing the Kapari Natural Resort, located on the Greek island of Santorini, into the CI age would be a mouthwatering challenge for any custom installer. The job fell to Greek systems integrator Zabelis Ioannis, and the results are undeniably spectacular. At the heart of the Kapari makeover is an AMX-driven automation system designed to meet the disparate technological needs of its discerning clientele.

Originally the site of local cave dwellings that date back 300 years, then devastated by an Earthquake in 1956, the Kapari resort is now a network of traditional Cycladitic architecture; a collection of low-lying cubical limewashed buildings hewn from the surrounding stone, and embellished with state of the art hotel amenities. Utlising the latest Green technologies to combat the humidity characteristic of underground structures, the cliff-top retreat offers high-end accommodation with all the tech niceties, including advanced lighting design, interactive media services with HD movies on demand, ubiquitous Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks, and Internet radio. And yes, somewhere here is a home theatre too.

Zabelis Ioannis' task was to implement technology in a way that enhanced the experience of staying at the hotel, rather than intruded on it; the hotel's owners wanted guests to feel in control of their environment rather than marooned in it. Consequently ever suite has an intuitive AMX control system that's deliciously simple to use: wall-mounted touchpanels control temperature, lighting and blinds.

Every room has its own dedicated NetLinx controller for managing the installed systems, ensuring that the various technologies and operating platforms are fully integrated as part of the overall control package. Each controller is also connected through to the reception so that staff can 'prepare' individual rooms, or even help guests control facilities remotely.

Meanwhile, in the hotel's restaurant an AMX Tango unit is used to pipe music to all areas, including the terrace, while the NetLinx controller in the boiler room handles scheduled functions like turning lights on and off, as well as monitoring the status of alarm systems and building infrastructure.

Of course, while the AMX system offers the hotel owners unprecedented system control, it's not just there to keep guests happy. System control capabilities include information management and remote monitoring from touchpanel, PC and mobile smart devices. As a showcase for just how versatile and innovative AMX can be in terms of facility management, the Kapari resort is really quite compelling. But that's not to say we're entirely convinced of its benefits - we think we might just have to go stay there for a week or two to just to check things out for ourselves…

For more on AMX and its various system solutions, visit our AMX partner page.
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Learn more about the Kapari Natural Resort at the official website

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