Dynaudio is recognised as one of the leading manufacturers of high quality audio systems and one of the world’s most distinguished high-end audio companies.

Dynaudio develops and manufactures dedicated audio systems for the professional markets as well as car audio and home audio loudspeaker products at the company’s state-of-the-art facility in Denmark. Dynaudio is particularly recognised for its advanced driver technology - designed, engineered, and continuously developed in-house, and its furniture-grade, handcrafted Danish cabinetry.

Dynaudio’s legendary studio monitors are used on mixing desks around the world by some of the most renowned production engineers in the industry and we design and manufacture in car systems for Volkswagen.

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Key Technologies

We strive to reproduce “Authentic Fidelity”, meaning we don’t want listeners to hear our speakers, only the music. We engineer our speakers to be as tonally neutral as possible,  over our 40 years of manufacturing loudspeakers for the Hi Fi and pro audio markets we have refined our drivers but you’ll always find consistency in the key technologies and materials used across our products.

At Dynaudio, we make the best and the most authentic audio experience. Not by being overly expressive - but by being efficient and precise. Paying meticulous attention to every detail from material finish to the sound performance.

We always use coated soft dome tweeters as we find these give us the detail and clarity we want at high frequencies while being tonally very neutral. Our woofers are always made with a single piece of moulded Magnesium Silicate Polymer (MSP). MSP gives us the perfect balance of rigidity and dampening and is resistant to external factors like humidity and moisture so it doesn’t expand or contract over time. This gives greater performance consistency and predictability over long periods of time and in varied environments. Another key component in our drivers is the attention to detail we pay to the voice coil. We tailor our voice coils to every driver model we produce, using various lengths and thicknesses of aluminium or copper wire to give the perfect amount of control and movement of the voice coil within the magnetic field. We use a combination of large and small diameter coils depending on the needs of the driver.

In order to reproduce the “Authentic Fidelity” we strive for we have refined our drivers over the years but have a few key technologies that are consistent over the 40 years Dynaudio has been making speakers.

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In 2014 Dynaudio opened a new state of the art R&D centre in Skanderborg, giving unrivalled abilities to keep re-engineering and advancing our speaker designs. It contains the most advanced digital acoustic chamber in the world, the Jupiter room as well as dedicated facilities for our automotive and HiFi engineers.

While the creation of a high-end speaker begins and ends with intense acoustic engineering, tests and comparisons, to make excellent sound, we rely on the most sensitive analysis tool: the human ear. It makes all the difference.

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Custom Install

In 2017 we launched the Studio Series in the US, winning a Best in Show award at CEDIA. We brought it to market in the UK and Europe in 2018. Our aim is to bring our HiFi and studio quality sound reproduction into the custom install channel, while creating products that have been designed to make life easier for the installer too.

Using Dynaudio’s signature technologies, the speakers deliver our distinctively rich and detailed sound.

The Studio Series are designed for active listening areas, the in ceiling models have their woofers angled off axis at 18 degrees and adjustable tweeters so that they can be directed to listening area for improved sound staging and stereo reproduction, this also makes them perfect as effect speakers in AV systems.

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The range utilises a two part, tool free installation method across all models. Simply mount the pre-install frame with its simple clips, before inserting the speaker into place. This makes installing the speakers incredibly simple and allows for adjustment of the angled woofers in the in ceiling speakers.

In the range is a 6.5”, 6.5” dual voice coil and an 8” in ceiling speaker as well as 6.5” and 8” in wall models and the unique and innovative Modular LCR system. All come with magnetic low profile grills.

The Studio LCR system consists of a tweeter and 4” midrange unit and a twin 6.5” woofer unit. These can be connected in various combinations which allow you to match the system to the size and SPL requirements of the room, as well as making it possible to avoid existing wall studs across the centre channel or just to match the width or height of a TV for aesthetic purposes. Match 1 mid/tweeter module with one woofer module or two, the choice is yours. We’ve even built in the ability to bypass the internal crossovers and run the speakers actively, giving an even wider array of options. This one system can cover everything from full range in wall stereo systems to media rooms with surround sound through to a small dedicated home cinema. It’s all the flexibility you need.

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Dynaudio and The CEDIA Designer

The legendary Danish hi-fi, pro-studio and automotive speaker specialist, has reinforced its commitment to the CI and AV sectors by joining The CEDIA Designer’s (TCD) global cloud-based design-software database.

Dynaudio has joined the global cloud-based design-software database The CEDIA Designer. Integrators can now begin designing high-render-channel-count immersive home cinemas or simpler media rooms using Dynaudio’s new Custom Studio range of architectural speakers.

Currently available on The Cedia Designer database are Dynaudio’s hi fi speaker ranges Emit and Contour alongside their custom install speakers including the Cinema Master 60 reference LCR speaker, the Studio series architectural range and the Sub3 and Sub6 active subwoofers. These will be supplemented by several new product launches already previewed at ISE 2019, giving numerous options for integrators at several price and performance levels.

Integrators designing Dynaudio rooms can also take advantage of TCD’s new immersive VR render functionality, which allows cinema designers to quickly email their clients an immersive VR render file of any proposed theatre room – without the need for specialist viewing equipment.

The CEDIA Designer calculates and produces in minutes what could take an experienced designer weeks to complete, quickly specifying the precise location of all cinema and media-room equipment, while eliminating combinations that won't work. It even assists in meeting the minimum documentation criteria to enter the CEDIA awards, regardless of the size of the organisation. And because it integrates with D-Tools' SI 2017 software, it offers installers and dealers a powerful all-in-one cinema room design tool.

In August 2018 Dynaudio partnered with Custom AV Distribution as our exclusive distributor to the UK CI channel. Custom AV Distribution (CAVD) represents residential AV brands from around the world which are renowned for individual quality and performance. Visit their website at https://www.cavd.co.uk/.

For enquiries from regions out with the UK please email peter.gibb@dynaudio.com or visit us online at Visit us online at dynaud.io/custom.




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