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Audio-Technica has joined the UK hi-fi industry trade body The Clarity Alliance. Laurence Armstrong, Clarity chairman, says: “We are very pleased by the decision of the newly formed Audio-Technica UK Consumer team to join the alliance, demonstrating that a manufacturer of its standing views the work Clarity does to promote the hi-fi sector as important and relevant.”

Robert Morgan-Males, Marketing Director of Audio-Technica Europe comments: “Having recently set up the new team to drive our business forwards in the UK, we believe it is important for us to join the industry’s trade association and work with the Clarity team for the good of the UK hi-fi market. To have the ability to network with retailers and like-minded manufacturers helps with the overall goal of promoting quality audio. Through our cooperation we can put forward ideas for development of our respective businesses and find new and innovative ways of reaching out to consumers.”

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